You know that person who always tells you “the book is better than the movie.” The one who is always talking about how no one writes like (insert person you’ve never heard before). The person that thinks iBooks and Kindles are pure heresy compared to the printed page.

Yes, we know that person too and I’m betting you have at least one of them on your list. We’ll politely call them the bookworm and here are some holiday gift ideas to make their home as wonderful as a page from Pride and Prejudice.

Recycled Book Chandelier

 light reading 4 original Holiday Home Gift Guide: The Bookworm

Read by the light of a book with this chandelier made of recycled books. Available from

Has Been Read/Will Be Read Bookshelf

hasbeenreadbookshelf Holiday Home Gift Guide: The Bookworm

It’s hard to keep your books organized. Piles add up on your coffee table so get your favorite bookworm this organizational bookshelf/conversation piece. Available from designer Meb Rure.

Men/Women You’re Allowed to Love Print

 womenucanlove Holiday Home Gift Guide: The Bookwormmenucanlove Holiday Home Gift Guide: The Bookworm

For those who may have sons or daughters this is a fitting piece of art to add to any child’s room…regardless of age. Available on Etsy for $12.

Literary Coasters

literary coasters Holiday Home Gift Guide: The Bookworm

What is a good book with out a good drink to accompany it? Regardless of what fills your glass avoid a ring on your table by letting it rest on the likes of great literary works of time’s gone by. No James Patterson works included…sorry. Available for $20 from Out of Print Clothing.

Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters

 sense and sensibility sea monsters Holiday Home Gift Guide: The Bookworm

Watch your most beloved literary snob recoil in disgust as he/she opens Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters by Jane Austen and Ben H. Winters. Be prepared for a 30 minute diatribe on the horror of this being printed. Available on for $10.


Header image courtesy of Flickr user DoodleDeMoon