Tis the season for holiday gift guides. We all have people on our list that you just don’t know what to get for them. While these lists typically feature unique items specific to the recipient’s taste they often don’t involve improving their home.

So for the 2012 holiday shopping season we’ll be featuring some gift giving ideas for the most unique characters on your list that will help them turn their house into the home of their dreams. To start, here are some gift giving ideas for “the gamer.”

Minecraft Pick Axe Bottle Opener

 minecraft pickaxe bottle opener Holiday Home Gift Guide: The Gamer

In all its 8-bit glory, this pick axe as seen on Minecraft will open any bottle without the need of pressing an A or X button. It also comes with a small hole & loop so you can be extra dorky and carry it on your pants’ belt loop. Available at ThinkGeek.com for $19.99.

Nintendo Entertainment System Toaster

 nes toaster Holiday Home Gift Guide: The Gamer

What’s more classic than toast? To the gamer, nothing is more classic than the original Nintendo. Unfortunately this is only in concept stage and not for sale. The laws of supply and demand make me think that’s soon to change. More details at Paste Magazine.

Video Game Classic Prints

 videogameprints Holiday Home Gift Guide: The Gamer

Some video games are timeless. Don’t they deserve to be recreated as timeless art in your home? Of course. Here are a few classic gaming titles redesigned as if they were vintage movie posters (Hint: Half Life is modeled after Hitchcock’s Vertigo movie poster). More details at Olly Moss.

Super Mario Question Block Lamp

 questionboxlamp Holiday Home Gift Guide: The Gamer

If there ever was a lamp that made you want to jump and hit it with your head, this is that lamp. Available on Etsy for $55.

Pac-Man Furniture

 pacmanfurniture Holiday Home Gift Guide: The Gamer

The image speaks for itself. It’s a must have. Just waiting for the Mrs. Pac-Man version. You can custom order from Italian furniture maker Qayot.


Header image courtesy of Flickr user DoodleDeMoon