I grew up in a home where ingredients like basil, parsley, oregano, rosemary and tomatoes were grown on our deck in our backyard. From planting to checking on growth it was always a fun family activity that we looked forward to each year. It may be my mind playing tricks but our homegrown ingredients always seem to taste fresher and more delicious than the store bought ingredients.  As a girl from the Garden State, I believe fresh ingredients are essential for making a successful holiday meal.

In the ongoing Best Places to Lives series, we are examining the many ways a home is about lifestyle.  Our homes can represent who we are and what we love to do.  And if you have a garden, homes can also reveal what we like to eat.

In neighborhood backyards across the country, including those at the White House and even rooftops in New York City, kitchen gardens are popping up in some unexpected places.  With Thanksgiving just around the corner, at Coldwell Banker, we decided to look through our listings to find homes that could be the perfect setting for a farm-to-table feast.

Whether you support the sustainable food movement or just love the idea of celebrating the holidays by cooking with your own fresh ingredients, these homes will give you a chance to live out your harvesting dreams.

Take a look at these homes with gardens let us know what you think!

180 Spotted Dog Ct, Watsonville, CA $1,495,000

FallHomes1 Home for the Harvest

Friday Harbor, WA $2,890,000

FallHomes2 Home for the Harvest

15 Gelding Hill Road, Newtown, CT $549,900

FallHomes3 Home for the Harvest

Have you ever grown your own fruits and vegetables at home?