It’s here. February 14th. Valentine’s Day. You’ll hear some people rave about how wonderful a day it is while others will scoff at the Hallmarkiness of the holiday. While Cupid recklessly slings his arrows at unsuspecting victims, we at Coldwell Banker Real Estate wanted to see just how many of the homes on have descriptors that are commonly associated with Valentine’s day.

Let’s take a look at the numbers:

  • 12 homes contain an outright mention of Valentine’s Day
  • 1 home references Cupid…although it has to do with a love for horses, not a soulmate.
  • 566 mentions of heart
  • 67 descriptions have chocolate in them
  • 115 mentions of roses
  • 23 sweethearts
  • 404 homes have romantic as a descriptor
  • 4 uses of hugs
  • 7 properties have kiss in it
  • 30 mentions of candy
  • And interestingly enough 1 home even has lingerie in the description. (I added the link because I know you’re curious.)

But the most commonly used, Valentine-related descriptor of them all is…love. That shouldn’t be surprising. Over 6,100 homes have love as a verb on the property detail page of All you need is love, right?

While it’s a common term for real estate descriptions, we should not ignore the importance of it when it comes to our home. I can’t count the amount of people who when talking about buying their home make the comment “we fell in love with the place.” That’s exactly how you want to feel when you find the perfect home.

You may not love the initial decor. You may find faults with an aspect or two. But isn’t that how love works? You look beyond the superficial and look at the whole picture.

You can love a home, but more importantly I hope your home is filled with love. People you love. Things you love. Memories you will never let go of. That’s what makes a house a home.

What’s not to love about that?


Header image courtesy of Flickr user slightly everything