Is it Time to Update Your Roof?

There is often one overlooked aspect of a home that should not go neglected for a long period of time: the roof.

Over the years, many homeowners make updates and improvements to their properties to spice up their appearance or increase their real estate value. Many of these updates may involve installing new large scale appliances, putting in new floors and counters or painting the home. Other improvements are for maintenance reasons only, such as replacing the furnace or putting in new window treatments. However, it’s natural for owners to only make updates to the part of the home they utilize each day or features that are directly in their line of sight. There is often one overlooked aspect of a home that should not go neglected for a long period of time: the roof.

Know when to replace roofing

There is no concrete timeline that dictates when homeowners should replace their roof. However, there are certain signs owners should pay attention to that may alert them to problems. When examining the roof from the interior of the home, owners should look for areas where the ceiling is sagging, dark spots, water damage or outside light. On the exterior, cracked, missing shingles and bald spots can indicate significant damage. Signs of wear, missing gutters and loose material are also common signs that a roof has outlived its use.

Don’t skimp on the cost

The price of replacing a roof will vary based on several factors, including the materials used to reconstruct it and the size of the home. The cost to repair or replace a roof may vary from $5,000 to $15,000. However, a good roof can last for years and using quality materials will prevent owners from having to replace their roof frequently. In addition to using quality materials, it’s also important to hire the right professional. Similar to seeking out the right contractor or home inspector, homeowners should speak with no fewer than three roofers and request references. Many roofers may also provide a portfolio of their work as an example of their capabilities.

When hiring a professional, it’s also important to make sure they are willing to get building permits, clean up the job site efficiently and only remove as much roofing as can be reinstalled in the same day.

Image- FEMA

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