mistletoe Is There Mistletoe Hanging in Your Home?As we head into the holiday weekend, I thought we should tackle one of the more pressing questions of our time: Where has all the mistletoe in our homes gone?

Mistletoe may be the most popular twig on the planet and tradition states that you hang it over a doorway in your home around the holidays and those unsuspecting visitors who find themselves underneath it must kiss. The real tradition is that a berry should be removed under the mistletoe for every kiss and then once all the fruit is gone the mistletoe is then taken down for the season.

There’s actually a whole lot of Norse mythological history behind it which is beyond my education level, but the big question for me is this: Do people still even hold to the unofficial laws of mistletoe? That question is why I love the video above which was filmed at BYU to see if students would still truly observe the mistletoe tradition.

Is there mistletoe hanging in your home this Christmas? Let us know in the comments.


Image courtesy of Flickr user DafneCholet