Jaguars Game: Hints and Tips for a Great Time

Whether you’re a die-hard fan or have never seen a live football game, going to see the Jacksonville Jaguars is a fun way to spend the day. Find tips and hints on ways to up the enjoyment and turn this into a day to remember.

Whether you’re a longtime fan or you’ve never seen a live football game in your life, an afternoon at EverBank Field is a special occasion. The people who have the most fun at a Jaguars game are those who just let loose and get into the spirit of the day. You don’t have to turn into an over-the-top fan with a painted body and giant beer cup, but turning the day into a celebration will definitely make it an event to remember. Find ways to enjoy the day that fit in with your personality, and forget about responsibility for a few hours on a Sunday afternoon.


Unlike fans of the Packers or the Lions, Jaguars fans are blessed with a tropical paradise when it comes to game-day weather. You’ll never have to deal with three inches of snow or below-zero temperatures while watching your favorite team at home. Football season also happens to be when the best weather settles over the Jacksonville area, with the temperatures beginning to cool and the threat of hurricane season winding down. The sun is still strong, so pack some sunscreen, and bring along a poncho for sudden storms (this is Florida, after all). Other than that, a t-shirt and shorts are usually enough for the day.


Tailgating is a great American tradition and a fantastic way to get your team spirit going hours before the game. Tailgating is permitted in the parking lots around the stadium; it is, however, prohibited in the parking structure. Turn your tailgate meal into a party before the party by dressing in Jaguars colors, putting up umbrellas or banners in team colors, and playing great dance music. Grill some great food and break out the folding chairs for lunch before the Jaguars game.

Alcohol is permitted in the parking lot, but leave it in the trunk at game time, as you’re prohibited from bringing liquids into the stadium. The more people the better, so make friends with other tailgaters to turn it into one giant party.

Team Spirit

Don’t just go to the football game: Join in with the team spirit and be enthusiastic. Choose your clothes in team colors if you don’t have a team t-shirt or jersey to put on. Find a silly Jaguars hat to wear; it will keep the sun off while adding to your ensemble. Get together with your friends to create a banner to hold up and show off to the world. The best ones always get on TV — make it a goal to get yours shown. Bright colors and clever wording count, so put some thought into it.

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