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Grand Rapids, Michigan

Who doesn’t love a great comeback? Whether it’s Rocky, Rudy, or Friday Night Lights, I’m a sucker for the underdog. A great story that has gotten attention this week is the fighting spirit of the people of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

I just spoke today to Dave Mapes, who is the General Manager of Coldwell Banker AJS-Schmidt in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He is a wonderful guy and is thrilled that Grand Rapids is fighting back from negative attention it received when Newsweek released it’s list of 10 dying cities in the U.S. and his own Michigan town of Grand Rapids made the list.  That label of being a “dying city” was harsh, but Dave Mapes doesn’t agree at all.

“The Newsweek story caused quite an uproar,” Mapes said. “The truth is that we are a growing city. We have people from all over the world moving to Grand Rapids. It’s a great place to live. We have so much to do here. ”

And according to Dave, the economic indicators are good too.

“Home prices have stabilized and in some neighborhoods prices are on the up-tick. Our unemployment is lower than the national average and we have shifted from an industrial city to one focused on professional services.”

Recently an amazing video produced by Rob Bliss has shown that Grand Rapids won’t take this declaration lying down. The viral video has now been hailed by Roger Ebert as “the greatest music video ever made.”

After watching the video below and hearing Dave’s passion, I hope you join me in rooting hard for Grand Rapids, Michigan and enjoy the American spirit and pride in their hometown that’s evident in this video.

Picture courtesy of Flickr user ellenm1