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Real Estate Headlines President’s Day Edition

Happy President’s Day. I hope it finds you at home and enjoying a day off. Don’t bother walking outside to get your mail today. It won’t be coming. Instead of our normal collection of the latest real estate stories, we decided to take a patriotic approach in honor of this national holiday and share our most presidential posts.

5 Most Popular Real Estate Posts for 2011

We wanted to share some of the most popular posts we’ve shared from this past year in a miniature year in review for real estate content. Here are the 5 most read posts on the Coldwell Banker Blue Matter blog:

December 21 / 2011

The Truth! Episode 3: Light Bulb

Today marks the launch of the final episode in The Truth! series with Funny or Die and Coldwell Banker. Last week’s installment debunked the aged old myth that George Washington had rotten wooden teeth and our first episode looked at the man-cow and its seeming bizarre hatred of the color red. This week, we continue [...]

August 01 / 2011

Coldwell Banker Presents: The Truth! Episode 2 – Washington

As we learned last week, there are a vast number of misconceptions in the world that have for some reason become accepted as valid truths! So with the help of Funny or Die and Canadian funnyman Alan Thicke, we attempted to chisel away at a few of these puzzling myths with the launch of The [...]

July 25 / 2011

Coldwell Banker and Funny or Die Launch “The Truth”

A mistake that we at Coldwell Banker see from time to time is that some misguided souls think that we’re a bank. We’re battling with the English language on this one. Banker is the last name of one of our founders, Arthur Banker (Colbert Coldwell is the other one in case you were wondering). But when you see “banker” on a sign, the common man may think, “hey, that’s a bank.” So we thought it was time to deal with this in a humorous way. We approached the very funny team at FunnyorDie.com and came up with a series called, The Truth!

July 18 / 2011