DSC 0013 200x300 Coldwell Banker and Funny or Die Launch The Truth

Alan Thicke hosts "The Truth!"

There are plenty of misconceptions in our world today. Things that we believe are true, but in actuality are totally false. I’m talking about more than Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. Things like the signing of the Declaration of Independence happened on July 4, 1776 or you get warts from kissing a toad.

A mistake that we at Coldwell Banker see from time to time is that some misguided souls think that we’re a bank. We’re battling with the English language on this one. Banker is the last name of one of our founders, Arthur Banker (Colbert Coldwell is the other one in case you were wondering). But when you see “banker” on a sign, the common man may think, “hey, that’s a bank.”

So we thought it was time to deal with this in a humorous way. We approached the very funny team at FunnyorDie.com and came up with a series called, The Truth! Inspired by the eerie gravitas of Unsolved Mysteries and the fact-gathering 20/20 reporting style, The Truth! is infused with a dose of Daily Show attitude, resulting in a unique blend of entertainment and information. These short videos reveal a common misconception in today’s society and show you truth behind it while subtly including the fact that Coldwell Banker is not a bank. The Truth! is hosted by none other than Canadian comedic actor, Alan Thicke, who is widely known for his role as Jason Seaver in the beloved series, Growing Pains.

Today marks the launch of the first episode of The Truth! and we start with an episode dealing with a common mistake made about bulls. There are three episodes in total and one will be released every Monday for the next two weeks. Enjoy and be educated by The Truth!