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Real Estate Headlines for the First Week of September

Back to school. College football. Ridiculously good sales. And the start of the NFL season. Add that all up and it must be the first week of September. As we adjust to our post Labor Day schedules, here are some real estate headlines to start your unofficial first week of the end of summer.

September 04 / 2012

Home of the Week: A Black and White Midwest Mansion

Located in Highland Park, IL, Halcyon Hall is a Historic Landmark Home that was built in 1925 and exudes old-world charm and elegance. And if you couldn’t tell from the photos, it boasts a black and white themed decor throughout. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a home with a monochrome palette throughout that looks as sophisticated as this one.

How to Use Color to Correct Interiors in your Home

Color can actually help correct interiors in your home. The video below goes through some simple tips to help use your homes color palette to turn that room you can’t stand into an ideal living space.

April 25 / 2011

How to Build a Color Palette for Your Home

It wasn’t until I bought my first home with my wife that I learned what on earth a color wheel is. The brand name, Pantone, was also foreign to me, but quickly became a familiar term as we started to decorate our home. Nine years of marriage and two homes later, the color palette of [...]

February 01 / 2011