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10 Incredible Modern and Decadent Dining Rooms

It is often said that the kitchen is the heart of any home. However, equally as important is the dining room. I find that dining rooms are often over looked and only used for formal occasions. But I’m sure you’ll agree with me that they should be utilized more, especially when they are as beautiful [...]

March 07 / 2014
Author Ariel Williams
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Playstation 4: How Your Home Will Change with Next Gen Consoles

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. The time when new gaming consoles and hundreds of new games are released just in time for the holiday season. This week is the start of the latest edition of the gaming wars as Sony releases its Playstation 4 just a week ahead of the new console from Microsoft, the Xbox One

November 13 / 2013
Author David Marine
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Category Home Tech
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Can a Video Game System Change Your Home?

There’s a common complaint from many people out there today that video games are somehow bad for you. Well Microsoft is looking to prove that the Xbox 360 can change your living room and the connectivity of your home.

December 08 / 2011
Author David Marine
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The Ultimate Entertainment House

Every home owner has at some point had to turn their living space into an entertainment venue for some kind of party or get together. Usually it requires moving some furniture, adding a few chairs or reorganizing your layout to accommodate for the extra people. But some places are built for the sole purpose of entertaining and this home at 9353 Nightingale Drive in Los Angeles, CA is one of those places.

June 27 / 2011