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Being Home for Halloween

While Thanksgiving, Christmas and birthdays are often the celebrations most synonymous with being home, it’s actually Halloween that deserves the most credit. There’s no other day when random, crazy-looking people visit your front door and you open it without question bearing gifts for their enjoyment. And “being home” is the central part of Halloween.

October 30 / 2013
Author David Marine
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Real Estate Headlines for the Last Week of October

Trick or treat. The most popular question that no one ever expects a verbal answer to. Halloween awaits us this week and whether your a ghost, ghoul or Grover Cleveland for All Hallows Eve this year you’re going to need your weekly dose of real estate headlines.

October 28 / 2013

8 Ways to Be the Awesomest House This Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner and it’s one of the few holidays where complete strangers visit your home and it’s totally ok. But we don’t want you to be the lame house on the block this Halloween. We want you to be the home the kids talk about for years to come. So here’s our list of useful tips on how to be the awesome home in your neighborhood this Halloween.

October 17 / 2013

If You’re Gonna Be the Healthy House on Halloween Give Out Unreal Candy

We all know that at some point on Halloween if you’re out trick or treating you’ll come across THAT house. You know the one. It’s the house with the lame candy selection or even worse the “healthy” alternative to candy like a bag of carrots, pretzels or heaven forbid…trail mix.

October 15 / 2013
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25 Good, Gross, and Ghoulish Halloween Party Food Ideas

25 food ideas for a Halloween Party

October 01 / 2013

Here’s to Halloween and the Place We Call Home

The doorbell to your home is used more on October 31st than potentially any other day of the year. It’s Halloween and there’s arguably no holiday where home plays a bigger role.

October 31 / 2012

The Ultimate Halloween Candy

The people have spoken and the winning candy is…

October 30 / 2012

Halloween Gangnam Style

No PSY doesn’t live here but we know he’d be proud! Gangnam Style has taken the world by storm with over 531 MILLION views on YouTube and has inspired countless parodies and memes across the web. We weren’t surprised to see the fun this homeowner had with incorporating the song into his Halloween decor. Enjoy! [...]

October 26 / 2012

Home Sweet Home Halloween Candy Battle: Final Round

Our confectionery competition has reached the final round and on Monday we will announce which Halloween candy reigns supreme as the people’s choice!

October 26 / 2012

A Frighteningly Fun Halloween Home

A Halloween house of horrors located on Baldwin Terrace in Wayne, NJ.

October 24 / 2012