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The Original Halloween Home of Michael Myers

Halloween is not just a time for candy, costumes and neighborhood lawn decor. It’s also a time that features some of the scariest homes in cinematic history. If you look at the history of horror, you’ll notice that many homes are central characters in the film. Psycho, The House on Haunted Hill, and Cabin in the Woods are just a few examples.

Home Sweet Home: Halloween Candy Battle (Final Four)

October is flying faster than a witch on a broom and we have already reached our 3rd round of the Halloween candy battle. (Click for Round One & Two) All of the sweet candies, Starburst, Sour Patch Kids, Twizzlers, Mike & Ike, Pop Rocks, Nerds, and Jolly Ranchers, have been knocked out and only chocolate ones remain but which will reign supreme as the ultimate people’s choice? You will soon find out but until then help us decide which two deserve a spot at the final face off.

A Hassle Free Way to Carve a Beautiful Halloween Pumpkin

Forget trying to draw and trace complicated shapes. Cookie cutters are the way to go.

October 18 / 2012

Home Sweet Home: Halloween Candy Battle (Elite Eight)

In case you missed round one, we thought it would be fun to poll our readers  to find out what the ultimate Halloween candy is. The goal of this is to provide home owners with the need to know information on how to be the coolest house on the block for trick or treaters. In [...]

Replica of Disney’s Haunted Mansion is Up for Sale

I hated the Haunted Mansion as a kid. My first trip to Disney World I cried through most of the ride. No, I wasn’t 16 at the time. But even through the traumatic memories of the creepy elevator and the ghost that sits in your car with you, it’s hard not to marvel at what Disney created. Someone was so impressed, they decided it was time to build a replica haunted house.

October 06 / 2012

Home Sweet Home: Halloween Candy Battle Royale Round 1

I think iit’s safe to say every homeowner remembers their first Halloween at their home.Having Trick or Treaters is like a home ownership rite of passage. After having a self debate in the candy aisle about how many Trick or Treaters will actually come and how much of the candy you will end up sneaking before the 31st, the next most important decision is what sweet treat to actually give out.

7 Scaretastic Halloween Home Light Shows

Every community has that one house that goes above and beyond with over the top decorations and holiday spirit. While they may not be the ideal neighbors they certainly create excitement for all ages with their extreme festivity. Do you have a home in your neighborhood like these?

The 5 Scariest Houses Ever

With Halloween just a few days away I though it was time to take a look at some of the scariest houses that have existed. Some are real homes and others are fictional, but all of them will haunt your thoughts. Ok, that was a bit much, but they’re still pretty creepy.

A Trend in Zombie Proof Real Estate

It’s almost Halloween and if you haven’t already you’ll start seeing more and more Halloween-related stories popping up, but this one caught my attention. You may recall a few months ago I blogged about a zombie proof house that was recently built to protect you against the impending zombie apocalypse. It is a beautiful home but also has the safety and security you need to shield you from the hunger of the undead. Today I discovered that building and shelter maker, Rocket Steel Buildings in Pennsylvania, is taking this concept to a new level by marketing their company as builder of Zombie Proof Buildings.

October 06 / 2011
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Our Favorite Spooky Cities

Imagine if people associated your hometown with Halloween all year long? With a little Halloween homework, we came up with a list of the best spooky cities to live, and rated them by median price. Some of these names are “killer,” and many of their home prices are even better.

October 26 / 2010