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25 Incredibly Gorgeous Modern Chandeliers

A chandelier can add more than just light to a room, it can become a focal point and a piece of art.

March 31 / 2014

Realtor Mag Agrees, Color is a Must in 2014!

I understand that yellow and red walls can be sort of overwhelming to some. If this is the case, as you’ll see referenced in the photos below, implementing small decor pieces like a bright frame or chair is a great start. For more incredible photos and design inspiration visit Coldwell Banker’s Instagram and Pinterest pages.

March 19 / 2014

Is Turquoise the New Black in Home Decor?

Neutral colors are so last spring. A splash of color in your home’s decor is the growing trend according to our friends over at PreviewsInsideOut.com.

Hot Decor Ideas from 20 Amazing Bathrooms

Looking to upgrade your bathroom? Love to peruse through design and decor photos? Then keep reading this post! We created a collection of some of the most fabulous and unique bathrooms from listings on coldwellbanker.com. Pay particular attention to how all these homeowners were able to integrate the latest trends into their spaces. You’ll notice [...]

March 06 / 2014

5 Design Trends from ‘American Hustle’

Here’s a look at 5 interesting home design and decor trends from American Hustle to keep an eye out for in 2014:

In Honor of Spirit Day: 7 Ways to Add the Color Purple to Your Home Decor

If you are wondering why you are seeing more people wearing purple today than usual then Spirit Day is a success. For those who don’t know today, October 17th, is Spirit Day sponsored by GLAAD. To honor the fight against bullying LGTB youth, here are 7 beautiful ways to incorporate purple into home décor.

October 17 / 2013

When to Reupholster a Couch, Buy a Slip Cover, or Get New Furniture

It may be time to reupholster a couch or chair or at least buy a slip cover or two. The couch or chair may not seem like a big issue, but the fact is that the look and quality of your furniture could be destroying your home’s overall décor and atmosphere.

4 Affordable Ways to Make Over Your Living Room

While you may not have the time, or money, to decorate like a pro, here are 4 ways you can give your living room a make over

Tips On How to Add Color to Your Home Without Going Overboard

Striking a delicate balance in your home’s decor between relaxed sophistication and engaging pops of color can be a challenge to say the least. Here are some tips on how use color color without overpowering the design aesthetic of your home.

February 01 / 2013

Dreaming, Decorating or Looking to a Buy a Home? Pin it!

We are pleased to announce the Pin It button has been added to all of our listings on coldwellbanker.com. Pinning beautiful décor ideas or photos of your dream home has never been easier.