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5 Super Smart DIY Storage Solutions

Here are 5 of my favorite budget friendly ideas that will help you get more organized.

How to Paint Your House (The FAST Way!)

Product combines the speed of a roller and the accuracy of a paintbrush

December 06 / 2013

Tool Time: How to Spackle Small Holes in Your Drywall

As a homeowner, it’s almost a necessity to learn how to make small repairs throughout your house. In this video, we learn how to spackle small holes in your drywall.

Real Insight from Our Newest First Time Homeowners

First time home buyers are one of the most inquisitive group of people you will ever come across. They are a sponge for real estate knowledge as they embark on what will most likely be the largest purchase they’ll ever make in their lives. And the person that can best help today’s first time home buyer is a first time home buyer that has just completed the purchase of their first home.

November 13 / 2013

A Lawn Sprinkler System Beautifies the Yard, Conserves Water, and Simplifies Home Maintenance

Lawn sprinkler systems and drip irrigation save water and labor, helping home owners achieve attractive landscaping results. The benefits far outweigh the costs, and maintenance should not be an issue.

Top Remodeling Projects for Homeowners

For homeowners looking for new and affordable home ideas, consider some of the top remodeling projects to dress up a new property.

The Number One Home Improvement Project for Return on Investment

According to Remodeling Magazine, the number one home improvement for recouping your return on investment is the addition of an attic bedroom.

Bathroom Mold Can be Prevented

People generate moisture through everyday living. Moisture in turn generates mold. One of the most common places where mold forms is in the bathroom. Prevent mold’s growth in and around your home by paying attention to practices that allow mold to thrive.

While a Fixer Upper Suggests Work, It May Be Your Best Home Buy

Don’t let the prospect of buying a fixer upper scare you away. The truth is that, in today’s real estate market, performing some minor updates and repairs may yield great benefits in economic terms, and allow you to create the home of your dreams.

July 13 / 2013
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