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Move On or Make Do? Home Additions Are an Option

What are the top reasons for staying in a house, adding on, or remodeling as opposed to moving. It may be tempting just to move on, but often there are valid reasons to stay put and make your home better fit your needs.

October 28 / 2013
Author Adrienne Cohen
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Why Coldwell Banker Puts Emphasis On Home Value Beyond Just Numbers

Forbes recently sat down with Coldwell Banker CMO, Mike Fischer, to talk about our new campaign. But they did more than just ask about the highlights. They wanted to know why Coldwell Banker Real Estate was putting emphasis on home value beyond just the numbers

Infographic: The Real Value of a Home

Playing off the concept from our recently launched TV campaign, we thought it would be great to have an infographic that shows how to calculate the real value of a home. As the infographic states, a home’s true value is not found with an algorithm involving square footage. It’s based on a living, breathing equation that adds life’s memories and moments.

March 06 / 2012

The Great American Comeback of Grand Rapids Michigan

Remember back in June when Newsweek declared that Grand Rapids was a dying city? Remember when they fought back with an incredible video that showcased the vibrancy of the city and its people? Well this Rocky-esque story is continuing! Grand Rapids is an underdog that continues to show resiliency!

August 15 / 2011

Coldwell Banker Home Listing Report – Our Look at Housing Markets

REAL ESTATE IS LOCAL! So when Coldwell Banker issued our annual Home Listing Report (HLR), we kept that in mind. The HLR is a snapshot of more than 2,300 local real estate markets in North America (nearly 10 times more markets than last year), and it provides the average home listing price for four-bedroom, two-bath properties that appeared on coldwellbanker.com over a six month period of time.

State By State Housing Market Infographic

Real Estate is local and prices differ from market to market. Wouldn’t it be great if you could see home prices and data across markets in one place on a handy dandy map? Yeah, that’d be nice so we thought we’d create one. Click on the map below to launch an interactive infographic to check [...]

February 07 / 2011