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A Cross Continental Pursuit of Home

House hunting is a daunting task. So many details involved besides the packing, utilities, and the resetting of your roots. Two of my counterparts here at Coldwell Banker are going through this right now and I know the amount of stress, pressure as well as excitement that they’re experiencing, but my friend Vera and her family has experienced this a bit more in the past few years than anyone else I know. In fact, Vera hasn’t just moved across the country and back again in the last year, but she’s also had to go through the ordeal of purchasing a house sight unseen.

September 30 / 2013

A Home Built Out of Katrina

It’s hard to visit New Orleans and the Gulf Coast without thinking about Hurricane Katrina. I was in the region last week for a Coldwell Banker event and was reminded of storm’s fury by watching Channel 1 in my Gulfport hotel room, the “Katrina” channel.

March 27 / 2013

The Home of Calvin Candie from Django Unchained

Leonardo DiCaprio’s character in the Golden Globe nominated Quentin Tarrantino film, Django Unchained, is truly repellant. He might be the evil character seen on film in over a decade. He is wickedly inhumane, vile, despicable, has ridiculously bad oral hygiene, but he does have a pretty nice home.