Leonardo DiCaprio’s character in the Golden Globe nominated Quentin Tarrantino film, Django Unchained, is truly repellant. He might be the evil character seen on film in over a decade. He is wickedly inhumane, vile, despicable, has ridiculously bad oral hygiene, but he does have a pretty nice home.

Calvin Candie is a Southern plantation owner so Tarrantino wanted to film at one of the most renowned plantations in the South: Evergreen Plantation in Louisianna. Evergreen Plantation is located on the west bank of the Mississippi River, between New Orleans and Baton Rouge. Touted as the South’s “most intact plantation” the home dates back to 1790 and contains 37 separate structures.

evergreen plantation tree line path The Home of Calvin Candie from Django Unchained

The tree-lined road that leads to the main house has been seen in many a feature film set in the South and the central residence will also look familiar. While open for tours, Evergreen Plantation is actually a working sugar cane plantation.

The “Gone With the Wind” era house is one of the few remaining homes of this style that date back to before the Civil War. Evergreen’s original French Creole farmhouse was completely remodeled in 1832 and as a result of this expansion, the “big house” features stuccoed-brick Doric columns in the front, and boasts two incredible fanlight doorways at the head and foot of the winding double stairway.

Only Mount Vernon and Gettysburg along with Evergreen Plantation have received achieved the nation’s highest historic designation. To learn more about Evergreen Plantation, visit NewOrleansPlantationCountry.com.


Image courtesy of New Orleans Plantation Country.