As the Coldwell Banker International Film Festival continues, 22-year-old film student Stephen Horn welcomes us to the “Rainbow Nation” with a beautifully captured look at what home means for the people of the diverse nation of South Africa.

“How do people make their houses into homes in South Africa? We are known for our diversity and have been hailed as the “rainbow nation” by Nelson Mandela. This film shows how people of different cultures in South Africa experience their culture in their home, using one of the five senses as a starting point for each story.” – Stephen Horn

The film cleverly uses the five senses (sound, smell, touch, sight and taste) as a metaphor to illuminate what the true value of home is. While four walls and intricate architecture hold our houses up, home is made up of an immersive set of experiences and feelings: The smell of mom’s pancakes in the morning, the sight of your pet greeting you as soon as you walk through the door, the sound of backyard barbecues, etc.

Take a look at the many faces of South Africa tell you what home means for them in ‘At Home in the Rainbow Nation’ – at