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Real Estate Headlines Featuring Captain America, Scarlett Johansson and More

The Super Bowl frenzy is behind us and now February is in full swing. Before you know it, spring will be here…at least we hope so. But before dreams of sunshine and budding flowers overcome your mind, here’s your weekly dose of real estate headlines.

How to Paint Your House (The FAST Way!)

Product combines the speed of a roller and the accuracy of a paintbrush

December 06 / 2013

How to Decorate a Room Without Painting the Walls

This video from our friends at eHow Home speaks volumes to me. You see I hate painting. Hate it.

December 05 / 2013
Author David Marine
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6 Super Simple Tips and Tricks for Painting at Home

Painting tips and tricks to make your life easier

A Father’s Guide to Getting a Room Ready for Baby

Ladies, this is not for you. This is just between us dads. This is not a post with affordable tips on baby-proofing a room nor is it a guide to color schemes and themes. This is a post of practical wisdom for father’s who are about to undertake what can be a fairly laborious process: getting a room ready for that first baby.

Painting for a Home Sale

Making the proper impression is a major factor in attracting prospective home buyers and keeping their interest. One of the best ways to do that when selling a home is to repaint key areas of the home. The entire thing does not necessarily need a new paint job, unless the current one is significantly flawed.

9 Superfluously Awesome Items for Your Home

There are things you absolutely have to have in your home like a refrigerator, a table, an Xbox, lights, etc. Then there are the things that aren’t necessarily to your everyday living, but they sure do make your home more enjoyable or worthy of showing off.