Painting Techniques for Walls

Learn how to use various painting techniques and patterns to create the perfect walls for your home. Know how each technique can support your home’s motif and change the ambiance of your house with just a few tools.

The days of bare and boring house walls in Dallas have gone the way of seventies-era Harvest Gold hues and popcorn ceilings. Modern homeowners now enjoy the cultural freedom to express their creativity by painting walls in bold and sometimes deeply personal ways. By using simple painting techniques for walls, homes can tell the individual stories of their inhabitants with a few swift paintbrush swirls.

Abstract Designs

As one of the more creative and inherently colorful painting techniques for walls, abstract designs encourage homeowners to manifest their imaginations on a larger-than-life canvas. Geometric patterns are popular hits among homeowners who want to give their walls some added dimension. Feel free to indulge in intricacy. Your hard work and attention to detail may eventually serve as a nifty conversation starter among visitors. For a more focused project, dip your brush into multiple similar colors and create a wave pattern. Waves add dynamism to an interior and can even make a living space feel soothing.

Block It Out

If you’re tight on time or don’t have the bandwidth to start a complex project, consider adding large blocks of color to your walls. Painted blocks can spare your walls the unimpressive fate of featuring one drab color. Despite its relative ease to complete, this type of technique can make your walls appear labored over and loved simply by putting the blocks in logical positions. For example, creating a pattern of blocks with alternating colors and sizes can come off as a well-planned design scheme.

Add Words to Walls

While pictures and designs can often speak for themselves, nothing quite makes a point like a beautiful phrase. If your freehand writing need a little taming, consider opting for stencils to bring your message to life. Showcasing words or phrases on walls can proclaim what means most to you in a few characters. If you’re a business owner who lives by your company’s philosophy, a fan of literature, or someone who just wants to be reminded of a positive, personal motto each morning, painting words on a wall can easily spell out your intentions to visitors.

Start With Finishing in Mind

If you have a favorite building material, pay homage to its visual hallmarks using special painting techniques for walls. With the right finishing techniques, you can make your walls look like they’re made out of distressed wood, stone, or high-grade marble. A talented hand can impart the illusion of texture with the proper tools. To instantly upgrade your abode’s sophistication factor, gloss your ceilings.

Take Cues From Your Closet and Home

If you’re having trouble deciding on a pattern, look to your wardrobe for inspiration. Your favorite clothes will often hint at design types that you gravitate towards. Simple stripes, chevron patterns, polka dots, and paisley prints can all add an extra, personal touch to the interior of your home. Stripes can have the effect of making your home feel more masculine, polka dots convey playfulness, paisley evokes femininity, and angular chevron stripes conjures modernism.

Don’t be afraid to run with a motif that you’ve used to decorate your DFW home. For example, if your home is ultra-modern, consider using sponges to paint an angular black and white abstract pattern on your walls. Homes that value naturalism can choose earthy, neutral tones to paint an ombré version of a sunset. When it comes to adorning walls, the possibilities are limited only to your imagination, your time for design, and budget for supplies.


Samantha Gonzales is a copywriter specializing in marketing, business, and educational publishing.

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  1. John Ferrell
    March 10, 2017

    I like that you said that we can look at our clothes for design ideas. If I was going to paint my walls I would want to design it how I like. Speaking with a professional might be a good way to learn about what patterns are available for you to do.

  2. Harper Campbell
    June 29, 2017

    My husband and I are in the process of remodeling our bedroom, and I am looking for different things that we can do to the walls. I like the suggestion you made about using specific painting techniques to pay tribute to our favorite material. It would be amazing if we could make the walls look like beach wood, to help create that vintage ocean look that I have always loved.


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