How to Create a Bohemian Bedroom

Are you dreaming of falling asleep in a beautiful bohemian bedroom? Check out our tips for getting the look: everything from selecting the right furniture to choosing colors to tips for mixing patterns and textures.

Are you dreaming of falling asleep in a beautiful bohemian bedroom? Check out our tips for getting the look in your NYC apartment!

Ditch the Matching Bedroom Set

Do you have a matching bedroom set? Bohemian style is eclectic, not matchy-matchy. Choose your favorite piece from the set, then replace the rest. Fill the rest of your room with a mixture of furniture in different styles and finishes. Look for weathered woods, worn metals, and beautifully textured fabrics.

Love vintage? Scour your favorite NYC thrift stores for the perfect bedside table or dresser. Check out vintage and reclaimed building materials stores, too. Look for unique pieces like a weathered door that would make a great headboard or weathered knobs that would add character to a plain dresser.

A bohemian bedroom is also the perfect room to showcase items from your travels. Look for unique pieces on your next trip!

Bohemian Bedroom: Ditch the Matching Furniture

Image Source: Flickr/Wicker Paradise

Choose a Color Scheme

It’s important to settle on a color scheme before getting too far into your decorating process.

There aren’t a lot of rules when it comes to bohemian style, so have fun choosing your colors! If you love rich jewels tones, let that guide your plans. Or maybe you like soft, dreamy pastels; those will work, too! If you prefer a more neutral space, start with a mixture of whites and creams, then add color through few well chosen accessories.

Keep these color choices in mind as you plan your room and make purchases. You could even create a design notebook or start a Pinterest board to organize your color and style inspirations.

Mix Patterns and Textures

Add interest to your bohemian bedroom with a mix of patterns and textures.

When mixing textures, think about how you can create contrast. Top smooth sheets with a chunky knit throw or add a lace trimmed bedskirt. Upholster a chair in a nubby fabric, then top it with a smooth silk pillow. Add a cushy rug over a hardwood floor.

Pattern mixing may seem intimidating, but it’s something you can have lots of fun with it. Try pairing a bold floral pattern with a smaller scale, more subtle pattern that lets the floral shine. Select patterns that share similar colors for a cohesive, yet romantic look. If you need help with pattern mixing, visit one of New York’s renowned fabric stores for expert advice.

Bohemian Bedroom: Mix Patterns

Image Source: Flickr/Sherrie Thai

Lots of Layers

Fill your bohemian bedroom with lots of layers! Did you collect a small rug on your last getaway? Layering it over a larger rug will let it shine.

When it comes to decorating your bed, blend together a mix of linens, blankets, duvets or coverlets, and pillows for an eclectic look. Add romance to your windows by layering heavier curtains over sheers.

Don’t forget your walls! Have you fallen in love with a pretty wallpaper pattern? Hang it up! If wallpaper’s not your thing, choose a paint color that complements your color scheme. Then display a gallery wall filled with personal mementos, trip souvenirs, and your favorite art.

Add the Right Lighting

Finally, make sure your bohemian bedroom has the right lighting. The overall effect should be warm and glowing, not stark and cold.

Replace a bright overhead light with a romantic chandelier or pretty hanging lantern. Place table and floor lamps strategically around your room for task lighting. Choose these smaller lights carefully. They’ll add character to your space as well as function.

Bohemian Bedroom: Lighting

Image Source: Flickr/Heather

Main Image Source: Flickr/Martin and Kathy Dady


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