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The Coolest Way to Print Camera Phone Photos at Home

I no longer own a camera. Scratch that. I no longer have just a digital camera in my home. My wife and I both use our iPhones as our primary cameras now. Chances are the smartphone in your pocket, purse or man-purse is used more for photos than anything else. We’re obsessed with pictures, but you’ve probably noticed we’ve stopped printing them.

September 30 / 2013
Author David Marine
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Home..Where Your Best Memories Live

The second week of our Coldwell Banker International Film Festival kicks off with a wonderfully subtle and heartfelt film from Brazil called ‘Where Your Best Memories Live’. This is our second entry from Brazil but the first from Mauricio Thomsen who is an Art-Director with a real passion for film-making.

Will the Apple iOS 7 Change How Your Home Operates?

The mobile and tech world yesterday got to see exactly what Apple has up its sleeves with its new operating system for iPhone that will be released later this year. Design changes, updated features and your digital goodie bag of options were laid out to try and keep Apple at the top of the mobile food chain.

June 11 / 2013

5 Great Home Apps for the Holidays

At some point over the next week or so you’ll probably be spending some more time at home than usual, and it’s quite possible that your home will be a little bit more crowded than normal too. Schedules get a bit hectic and it’s nice to have some helpful resources at your disposal to keep your time at home enjoyable and your entertaining on track. We thought we’d see if we can help your home management over the holidays become a bit simpler with some simple but pretty awesome apps.

December 20 / 2012

Dr. Life or Dr. Noooooo

Have you seen this guy’s ad in airline magazines?  He claims he changed his lifestyle and got the body of a 20 year old while in his 60’s.  I’m skeptical. So I look at the before and after photo and my first reaction is, “Come on…they photo shopped his head on that body!  No way [...]

June 30 / 2010

Video Killed the Newspaper Ad

In case you didn’t realize it, we’re big on video here at Coldwell Banker. We were the first national real estate brand to have streaming video content on our website back in 2006. Fast forward to 2009 and we launched what has become one of the more popular real estate channels ever on YouTube with Coldwell Banker On Location. 12 months and 1.2 million visits later, Coldwell Banker On Location is still making waves.

May 20 / 2010
Author David Marine
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