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To Buy Or To Rent A Home? Four Financial and Lifestyle Questions to Consider

“To buy or to rent?” Recent graduates, young couples, relocating professionals and others have all asked themselves this question at one point or another.

Are You Spending $1,000 a Month on Rent?

I enjoyed a “fun” weekend out in Urbana-  Champaign, IL, with family and friends.  We had a blast together hoping our Fightin’ Illini would improve to 7-0 against Ohio State.  Didn’t happen.   We turned the ball over too many times. That’s why I used “fun” to describe the weekend.  I was hoping it would have [...]

October 17 / 2011
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Real World…New Jersey

Within the past three years I’ve gone from living in a dorm on campus, writing 10 page papers and staying up until 4AM studying for final exams (thank you Starbucks), to getting up early, busily managing important projects, attending day long strategy meetings, speaking with brokers at conferences, etc. etc… Basically taking on all of [...]