w4dvd0cac7md YoungWomanCarryingBox web2 150x150 Are You Spending $1,000 a Month on Rent?I enjoyed a “fun” weekend out in Urbana-  Champaign, IL, with family and friends.  We had a blast together hoping our Fightin’ Illini would improve to 7-0 against Ohio State.  Didn’t happen.   We turned the ball over too many times. That’s why I used “fun” to describe the weekend.  I was hoping it would have been “great.”

When I got home I saw an interesting article that showcased interesting points from the Census Bureau’s 2012 Statistical Abstract.  I was fascinated to see that 33.4% of renters nationally pay more than $1,000 a month.  That equates to a $204,000 home with today’s fixed-rate, 30-year mortgage at 4.25%.  Not bad!  (To be fair, I didn’t include taxes, maintenance or down payment.)

This morning I went onto www.coldwellbanker.com and learned that there are 201,367 properties on our site priced between below $204,000 in the U.S. 

So if you are renting and have financial stability, don’t you owe it to yourself to explore home ownership?  Talk it through with a family member or friend.  Don’t be afraid to talk to a real estate agent, spend a few minutes with the manager of a real estate office or visit our First-Time Home Buyers Resource Center to learn.   

I know what you might be thinking.  Of course the CEO of Coldwell Banker Real Estate would push homeownership!  You’re right!  I’ve been in real estate for 36 years and know what I’m talking about.  Home ownership is a lifestyle investment that is part of the American Dream.  

I clearly recognize homeownership isn’t for everyone.  It depends on your lifestyle, job status, savings, credit history and a host of other factors. 

But with home affordability levels at their record best, I strongly suggest you take a good, hard look at homeownership.