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Decorating Your Home with Dr. Who

Doctor Who has one of the greatest followings in all of TV and given that fact I’m sure there are plenty of us who would enjoy having a bit of a Doctor Who element in our homes outside of just our TV & DVD collection.

March 07 / 2013

No Electricity? No Problem: Homes for Characters on NBC’s Revolution

How does it feel when you’re out and about with family or friends all day without access to a charger and for some inexplicable reason your phone battery dies? Or how about when one of those pesky late summer thunder storms roll in cutting your lights out, reducing you to Ben Franklin-like candle usage like it was 1783 again? Not fun?! Now imagine for a second, if an unknown phenomenon disabled all advanced technology on the planet, from iPads, iPhones and computers to airplanes, batteries and cars. No more lights. No more stoves. No. More. Facebook. (oh, the horror!)

September 17 / 2012