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Home of the Week: A French Manor Estate in Scottsdale

Listed for $7.7 million, our newest ‘Home of the Week’ looks like it could have been used as a location in the recent ‘Pride & Prejudice’ movie. Take a look at one of Arizona’s finest homes.

Slideshow: 6 Timeless Homes for Daylight Savings

For those that live in areas that observe daylight savings, this weekend we will lose an hour of lives. It will be gone as we have to move our clocks forward an hour in this annual ritual that I’m not quite sure of the purpose of it. So to combat the losing of time, I thought we should look at some homes that mock the constraints of time. These properties are timeless. How do I know that? It says it right in their property description on coldwellbanker.com, and after you take a look at them, I’m pretty sure you’ll agree.