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How to Shock Your Swimming Pool

As a non-pool owner, I had no idea what it meant to shock a swimming pool until recently. I was at a pool and overheard the owner saying he needed to shock his pool that evening. Having no clue what he was referring to I inquired, “why would you shock a swimming pool?” The man informed me that shocking gets rid of the bacteria and unwanted organic material that can get in your pools water.

July 17 / 2013

Slideshow: 5 Homes with Incredible Swimming Pools

With summer quickly approaching, everyone is gearing up for the season’s hottest pasttime: swimming! The beach can be fun but there is nothing like having your own oasis right in the backyard. Swimming pools have long been a focal point for homes because they bring everyone together where real lasting memories are made. Whether you [...]

June 04 / 2013
Author Ariel Williams
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Is your pool ready for summer?

Break out the beach towels and sunscreen because summer is officially here! Break out the beach towels and sunscreen because summer is officially here! In areas of the country where temperatures climb during the summer, having a swimming pool can be a blessing and a great place to spend warm days. It can also be [...]

June 27 / 2012

Is that swimming pool safe? What homebuyers should know

By Allstate When an agent takes you to a home and slides open the patio door to reveal a backyard swimming pool, you’ll likely have one of two reactions: you’ll either conjure up images involving lazy Saturdays and margaritas, or you’ll stiffen up with thoughts about the pool safety implications. In either case, a swimming [...]

May 24 / 2012