pool1 Is your pool ready for summer?
Break out the beach towels and
sunscreen because summer is officially here!

Break out the beach towels and sunscreen because summer is officially here! In areas of the country where temperatures climb during the summer, having a swimming pool can be a blessing and a great place to spend warm days. It can also be a great point of appeal for owners who are putting up their homes for sale. However, opening a pool for the summer requires a little work, and knowing which steps to ensure it is safe and clean can prevent problems that may arise in the future.

Work with what you have

One of the most common mistakes homeowners make when opening their pool for summer is emptying it out first, according to MSN Real Estate. When owners uncover their pools after the long winter season, the water will look murky and dirty, and most individuals are tempted to drain it and clean the bottom of the pool. This can be a problem and create risks that owners may be unaware of. For example, empty pools that sit on a high water table may pop out of the ground if they don’t have the weight of the water holding it in place, the news source explains. This may require owners to replace their in-ground pool completely.

Instead, owners should begin by cleaning out all filters and cleaning out baskets to make sure all systems are free of debris.

Make sure the chemicals are balanced

Before putting chlorine and other chemicals in a freshly opened pool, it can be helpful to take a sample of water to retailer that specializes in swimming pools to have the water tested, the news source explains. The test will reveal how much mineral content is in the water and the levels of other chemicals that are present. This can be helpful because it will give homeowners are starting point when it comes to adjusting their chemicals and knowing how much to add to their pool. Individuals who are opening their pool for the first time may also want to speak with a professional about how much chlorine to use, the best ways to clean and maintain it and potential dangers to watch out for.

Most professionals recommend adding chemicals, cleaning out filters and allowing the pool to run while it is still covered. This can help save individuals from doing extra work, because it is likely that uncovering a pool too quickly will result in leaves, pollen and debris in the water. As a result, it may take longer to clean it.

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