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The Next TV in Your Home Will Not Be Smart But a Dummy

Smart TVs have been talked about for years. Two years ago I was at the Consumer Electronics Show where it was the latest and greatest home entertainment device being showcased. Look at how many apps you can have on your TV! You can read emails on a 50 inch HDTV. Don’t you want to post to Twitter on your flat screen?

June 07 / 2013

The Future of Technology is at Home

I had the opportunity to attend the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this month, and it is like a candy store filled with scrumptious tech goodness. On my flight out to Vegas, I sat next to a guy who worked for a prestigious tech company and when I told him I worked for Coldwell Banker he remarked, “A real estate company at CES? I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before.”

January 18 / 2011