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Real Estate Headlines for the Start of Summer

Summer officially arrived on June 21, but by now pretty much every child is out of school and every part north of the equator is experiencing warmer weather. Cookouts, baseball and excessive pool time shall commence. But here you are in front of your computer reading a blog post…sigh…me too. For those of us who must work through these days of summer, here’s your weekly dose of real estate headlines:

Real Estate Headlines for “Big Game” Week

This is always the longest week for any football fan. By the time Friday comes you’ve had enough of the speculation, interviews and human interest stories and are just ready for the big game. In honor of the 49ers and Ravens facing off our header image honors one of the most famous catches of all time. And yes I know this was in the NFC championship game. But enough Super Bowl talk, to help entertain your minds until Sunday rolls around, here are this week’s real estate headlines:

Real Estate Headlines for the First Full Week of 2013

I’d ask if your New Year’s resolution is still in tact, but then I’d be afraid you’d ask me the same question. Hopefully your new year has started off well and here are some real estate headlines to start this first full week of 2013: