I’d ask if your New Year’s resolution is still in tact, but then I’d be afraid you’d ask me the same question. Hopefully your new year has started off well and here are some real estate headlines to start this first full week of 2013:

Business Insider has a list of the most important gadgets that you’ll see at the Consumer Electronics Show this year. What does this have to do with real estate? Many of them have to do with home. (image above)

London is apparently becoming a real estate magnet for the mega rich.

Lasner on Real Estate asks: What housing stat will go up first, fastest?

Economic Times thinks 2013 will bring a paradigm shift in real estate.

Germany’s housing market is heating up.

Freddie Mac economists make 13 housing predictions.

Latest housing study shows the average buyer is expected to stay in a home 13 years.

And finally the Wall Street Journal has an interesting story on how one man decided to rebrand himself by creating a new home.


Image courtesy of Samsung