bestplacessuburbanites Two of the Best Suburban Places to LiveThis past month Coldwell Banker Real Estate released its latest study on the Best Places to Live for various types of people and focused this last one on those we refer to as Suburbanites.

These are the folks that like to live in places that are within close commuting distance of work, prefer to stay in rather than go out and put a great amount of importance on the area’s safety and school stature. I’ll confess, I’m one of these people. Before you think this study to be less than interesting, the towns suburbanites like to call home are some of the prettiest communities you’ll ever come across.

In the video above, we teamed up with LXTV Open House to showcase two of the top 10 towns for Suburbanites: Haworth, NJ and East Grand Rapids, MI. I’ve never been to either of these places, but as you’ll see in the video they both offer a picturesque locale and all the benefits a suburbanite could ask for.

Take a look at the video above and see what other towns ranked well in our Best Places to Live for Suburbanites survey.