In a few days, 2012 will be gone and we’ll have to retrain our minds to put “13″ in any form that requires a date. Resolutions will be made and quickly broken, then remade only to be broken again.

Our homes will go through another transformation as winter yields to spring and…well you know how it goes. Before 2013 comes to stay for 365 days, we wanted to look at what were the most viewed topics and content on our blog for 2012. The results are eclectic to say the least. Here are the the top 10 posts on Coldwell Banker Blue Matter for 2012:

10. 8 Must Have Kitchen Upgrades – What homeowner at some point doesn’t want a kitchen upgrade?

9. 2012 Bracket of Affordability – Our annual ode to March Madness that predicts the tournament based solely on sales price in the markets of the schools represented.

8. MTV Movie Awards: Home of the Year – Perhaps MTV should add a new category to its annual movie awards? Here are our recommendations.

7. Jim Gillespie: Remembering His Second Sale – The story of Coldwell Banker CEO, Jim Gillespie, second sale when he was first starting in real estate.

6. 5 Most Interesting Homes on TV – While some of these shows didn’t survive the year, the homes in them are still pretty memorable.

5. 9 Overlooked Items to Prep Your Home for Sale – This guest post from Coldwell Banker Vanguard agent, Cara Ameer, was not only highly trafficked, but incredibly useful.

4. A Zombie Proof House – This post is from 2011, but still attracts readers like a zombie to brains.

3. Homes for The Hobbit: The Shire – The home of Bilbo Baggins comes to life in The Hobbit and we take a look at just how great it would be to live there.

2. The Value of a Home – The post that launched the new Coldwell Banker campaign was the most shared post across social networks and also the most commented post of 2012.

1. The Homes of Abraham Lincoln – Honest Abe has had a good a year as any American president in history. Best selling book, highly rated movie and tons of awards awaiting in the new year. This post was our look at Abraham Lincoln’s homes before he moved into the White House.

Thanks for making 2012 a great year for the Coldwell Banker blog. We have so much more to share in 2013. Happy New Year to you and your home.