Music makes everything better. Think back to all of the quintessential and anthemic songs that accompany the biggest events in our lives like weddings, graduations and birthday celebrations. We perform better at the gym when we’ve got some tunes playing and movies would make little sense without their music scores. (Click here to see a scene from Jaws with and without music).

More than anything, music often reminds us of home and of the best memories we’ve had with family and friends. Whenever I hear certain songs on the radio I am instantly brought back to the sights and smells of home and of the gatherings and parties we’d have at them. I think back to Sunday morning breakfast at my grandparent’s  or to birthday parties at the pool that had music playing and my little cousins dancing wholeheartedly. Music adds such great color to our homes and the gatherings we have in them. Besides, every good party needs good music!

With it being Friday and the Fourth of July a mere five days away, we’re sure that your grills, pools and backyards are sure to get a workout this coming week. Now that the summer backyard entertaining season is in full swing, I’ve put together a cool new 21 track Spotify music playlist to perfectly set the mood for your backyard gatherings. The playlist features some high energy music that go together with cannonballs into the pool and wiffle ball games on the grass during the day. It also features some softer more mellow music to set the mood right once the sun comes down and everybody leans back in chairs enjoying the cool summer breeze. I am sure you’ll recognize a few of these summer classics and I hope you are introduced to some new favorites as well.

What are some of your favorites that didn’t make the list?  Let me know!

We hope you enjoy them, now go out and make some memories! Cheers.

 *You need to have Spotify installed in order to enjoy the music. Visit Spotify to get a free account.