The Perfect Patio Decor for Your Philly Home

If your Philadelphia home has a patio, you’re probably working with space and privacy limitations. But with a bit of creativity and innovation, you can give your backyard the perfect Philly-inspired patio decor.

Decorating a patio — especially when your home is in a bustling urban location like Philadelphia — can be challenging. A lot of Philadelphia homes don’t even have a patio, and even in areas where you’re more likely to have a yard (Wynnefield, South Philly, and some homes along the Main Line, for example), these patios may have space and privacy limitations. But with a bit of creativity, you can give your backyard the perfect Philly-inspired patio decor.

Privacy Shades, Screens, and Canopies

One of the issues you may face at your new Philly home is backyard privacy. Since Philadelphia is a major city with a dense population, homes are clustered closer together than they are in the suburbs. Creating a private atmosphere for your outdoor patio requires a few extra steps.

For an effective and attractive solution, try setting up outdoor privacy shades or a standing screen. Bamboo shades are a great pick for those extra-hot Philly summers because they’re lightweight enough to allow a nice breeze to come into your patio space yet substantial enough to shelter your patio from prying eyes, so you can relax in peace. Another option is a wide canopy with a drop-back over your patio furniture.

Comfortable Patio Seating

When you come home after a long day of commuting on the El, it’s so nice to be able to sit outside in a comfortable patio chair.

For a perfect Philly patio, decorate it with comfort furniture. These are chairs with adjustable backs, foot rests, and cushions that feel as soft as memory foam but are covered in weather-resistant canvas. Philadelphia sees frequent rain showers, so you need patio chairs that are rain-resistant. Since space is at such a premium in the city, you’ll probably want them to be stackable as well. And considering that you’re a resident of one of the most colorful cities in the United States, don’t be afraid to purchase comfort patio furniture with lots of bold color.

Brighten Up Your Patio with Outdoor Plants and Lighting

Adding greenery is an effective way to rejuvenate your Philly patio decor. Purchase outdoor potted plants to put in the corners of your outdoor space or hang them where possible. You might even want to create a small elevated garden.

Good lighting creates a warm and inviting ambiance after nightfall. Outdoor lighting for a Philly garden patio can be as simple as purchasing Christmas lights from a local Dollar Store — white lights can give your space crisp, clean look. If you have a hanging roof above your patio, try hanging the lights around the inside border of the ceiling. You can also wrap the lights around those outdoor potted plants to illuminate them even when it’s dark outside.

With some effort you can transform a plain-looking and space-limited patio into your private home getaway under the sun and stars. Don’t be afraid to experiment to create a relaxing and inviting place where you can enjoy the great outdoors, day and night.