Great video and story on Yahoo! today and the headline caught my attention…

Most Expensive Fish
A Tokyo market set a new record last month, selling a tuna for $396,000. The giant bluefin weighed 754 pounds…

So that got me thinking, this tuna is as big as a house and costs as much as a house…so what really gets you more, a bluefin or a house?

super tuna 300x180 Want to Buy a Fish or a House?

Record Bluefin

396K house 300x225 Want to Buy a Fish or a House?

Current Coldwell Banker Listing

So I did a comparison with the tuna against a $395,000 property in San Diego, CA…You decide for yourself.

Compare: Fish House
Location: Pacific Ocean Pacific Beach, CA
Beds/Fins: 2 4
Size: 12 sq. ft. 1,134 sq. ft.
Proximity to Water: already in ocean 5 blocks to ocean
Represented by: Tsukiji fish market Darlene Allen
Coldwell Banker
Residential Brokerage

I vote the house, and I’m a big sushi lover.  Sorry fish.  San Diego is beautiful.  I get a house and the water.