5 Fall Home Improvement Projects to Tackle in Your Yard


Fall is nearly upon us, which means you have some important chores to complete before the mercury totally falls off the thermometer. Make sure you’ve also tackled these 5 home improvement projects to have a house and yard ready for autumn.


Fall is nearly upon us, which means you have some important chores to complete before the mercury totally falls off the thermometer. Although it may feel like you only just tackled end-of-summer yard maintenance work, make sure you’ve also tackled these five home improvement projects to have a house — and yard — that are ready for shorter days and cooler temps.

Look Up! Roof Repairs for Autumn

How’s your roof doing this year? Have you taken a close look at it lately? If not, now’s the time. Wicked thunderstorms over the summer often bring along hail to wreak all sorts of havoc on your yard and home. While damage may not have been completely noticeable right after the fact, small holes and cracks caused during storms can multiply in size as the temperature goes down, leaving your home open to the elements. If you’re not up for climbing a ladder and conducting a careful inspection yourself, many roof repair companies will come out and take a look and prepare a free estimate for necessary work.

Get Your Mind INTO the Gutters

Now’s a good time for your mind to be in the gutters, especially when they may be filled with various types of gunk from the summer. Although you many not anticipate clogged gutters until the leaves start to fall, you may be surprised what’s accumulated up there over spring and summer. From goldenrod to nuts to random plant parts and perhaps even animal nests, make sure you remove any and all debris so water can run freely.

Plant Perennials Now

You know those beautiful tulips and irises that you love to see come up each spring? They won’t be making an appearance next year if you wait until after the winter to plant. The time to plant bulbs for perennials is the fall. While you’re working to prepare your flower beds for next year, also take care of any pruning that needs to happen. Plants like roses and crepe myrtles do better when they are cut back quite considerably over the fall.

Check Water Sources

Although the DFW area doesn’t experience long and hard freezes like many other areas in the country, temps do dip quite low at times. When freezing occurs, unsecured water sources can freeze up, causing burst pipes, leaks, and more. If your lawn has an irrigation system, ensure that it can be either fully drained before winter or is set to drip slowly to prevent freezing. Also ensure that any pool equipment is either drained or set to run through freezes, and that your hoses are also drained and stored properly.

Cooler Weather Pest Control

As you are preparing to bed down for the winter (your cozy fireplace awaits!) so too are pests settling in for the cold. While you may not see a lot of those pests after summer passes, they could be crawling through your foundation and walls and preparing to lay eggs and hibernate until spring. Now is a great time to spray your home and yard one more time this year, ensuring that you especially concentrate on areas that are more open to infiltration through your home, like attic eaves and foundation vents.

Once you’ve tackled these five home improvement projects, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the changing leaves and pleasant outdoor temps.

Image Source: Flickr/Malcolm Carlaw


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