Beyond Wearables: Health and Fitness Devices at CES Will Be in Every Nook and Cranny of our Homes


Health improvement devices are no longer just for your wrist, but will soon become a common element in your home.


The following is a guest post from Anna Visioli, VP of Digital Platforms with Coldwell Banker Real Estate.

Wearable devices were certainly well-represented at this year’s CES. Fitness tracking devices offered new features, fashionable new finishes, and targeted athletes to kids and everyone in-between. However, a growing number of health and fitness products are stealthily and innovatively incorporating themselves into our homes.

Fitness tracking devices are great, but what to do when your fit bit is scolding you for your lack of activity, but job responsibilities require that you spend hours at a laptop? One relatively non-technical solution comes from Locktek. The TV wall-mount manufacturer has expanded into the fitness space, offering stationary bikes with built-in desks, and adjustable desks that allow users to sit down, stand up, or pedal one of the company’s under-desk exercisers while tapping on their keyboards.  As health experts continue to warn us of the dangers of a sedimentary lifestyle, adding a little spin class to our home offices may provide a fun way to work out while we’re working.

Looking to add a little less work and more fun to your workout? Many fitness products incorporated elements of gaming into the exercise experience. Wahoo Fitness’s Kikr Smart Trainers boast not only a realistic road cycling experience, but incorporate with training apps (including Wahoo Fitness’ own app) for a virtual road-racing experience right from your living room.

So what do you do after a long, workout-filled day? How about settling into a customized night of sleep on Sleep Number’s IT bed? The IT bed is equipped with biometric sensors that track your heart rate, breathing and movement. The IT bed app is then able to report on sleep patterns and recommend your ideal ‘sleep number’ for a better night of ZZZs. As with many of the products at CES, the IT bed intends to incorporate with other gadgets, like fitness devices and smart thermostats, allowing “IT” to determine factors like the right amount of activity and the perfect nighttime temperature for your optimal night of sleep. Foregoing the traditional showroom sales experience, the IT bed will be available online this summer, starting at around $1000.

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  1. f.leemorey
    January 9, 2016

    Pounding on the keybaord while cycling? Please. Everyone! It is OK to selfishly spend 1 waking hour a day on yourself. I promise you will be stronger mentally and physically for doing it.


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