Bike Rack Options to Help You Store Your Bike in Style


If you live in an apartment in Philly, finding a home for your bike can be tricky. You don’t want it to be the focal point of the room, but you also want to get to it easily. Bike storage can be stylish with one of these bike rack options.


One of the great things about city living is being able to ride your bike pretty much anywhere. More and more, Philadelphia is becoming a very bike-friendly city, with ample bike lanes on roads, bike trails, and bike parking. However, one spot where the city falls down is bike storage. You don’t want to store your bike on a bike rack outside, since there’s a high risk of theft, even with the best of locks. Fortunately, there are a number of indoor bike storage systems that help you display your bike in your Philadelphia home or apartment as if your bike were a work of art.

Bike and More

If you have a single bike, limited space, and can drill into your home’s walls, the Bike All by Board by Design can be the perfect bike rack storage solution. Designed to hold pretty much any style of bike, from road bike to mountain bike and from petite folding bikes to lady’s bikes, the rack holds a bicycle by the seat. It also has a hook for hanging your bags, a shelf for your helmet, and an opening that you can thread a phone charger through. The handmade, wooden storage system measures 20 inches long and 16 inches deep.

Bike and Books

Swiss designer Thomas Walde has created a piece of furniture that gives a person’s bike pride of place in an apartment. Shoes Books and a Bike isn’t an inexpensive bike rack, but it is a versatile and sturdy one. The rack is shaped like a large bookcase, and has a divided shelf on the lower level that’s designed for holding shoes, books, and other accessories. The bike goes on a platform above the lower shelf and is held in place with a small clamp that attaches to the back tire. The shape and size of Shoes Books and a Bike allows you to use it as a room divider or place it against the wall.

Two Bikes

The Michelangelo Two Bike Gravity Stand is the ideal option for apartment dwellers with more than one bicycle or for those who can’t drill into the walls or permanently attach a bike stand. The tall, upside-down, U-shaped bike storage system leans against the wall and is held up by gravity (you can use a stabilizer to secure it in place if you wish). The stand has room for two bikes, which are held up by hooks. It’s best suited for bikes with a straight across top tube, but the hooks can also be adjusted to support bikes with slanted top tubes.

Simple Storage

The Cycloc Solo Bicycle Storage rack is a minimalist’s dream. A round storage rack made out of plastic, it mounts to the wall and uses two small hooks to hold a bike firmly in space. While it doesn’t have as much storage space as the Bike All or Shoes Books and a Bike, the Cycloc features a small opening that has enough room for your keys, bicycle lights, and a few other small accessories. The rack includes a spacer, so that you can adjust it to make room for bikes with wider handlebars.

This summer, don’t leave your bike outdoors or lean it against the wall of your apartment. Adding a bike rack to your home lets you turn your means of transportation into part of your home’s decor.


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