Getting the best results, whether buying or selling, happens when agents and their clients work together. In our digitally driven world, that happens via technology. And three technologies stand out in the world of real estate – the forward-thinking tech suite developed by Coldwell Banker Real Estate.

Meet CBx, the Smart Home Staging Kit, and CB Zap®

Meet the real estate company with real advantages.




A Day in the Life of a Real Estate Agent

Ever wonder what it would be like to be a real estate agent?

Started from the bottom now we’re here: tips from...

How do you go from being new to becoming the No.1 team in your office? The playbook is simple. Renee Bridges and Justin Carlson of The HomeTown Team with Coldwell Banker Schmidt Family of Companies...

Mentorship in Real Estate

In this episode of NBC Open House, we learn why having a strong mentor when you’re just starting out is so important.

Narrowing the female leadership gap in real estate

Female agents face an upward mobility challenge within the industry. Here’s how real estate brands and brokerages can work to mend the female leadership gap.

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