How to Celebrate Earth Day: Dallas Edition


Learn about the ways you can celebrate Earth Day in the Dallas area. Find out how you can learn more about environmental issues from community thought leaders and change habits to positively impact the environment.


While every day should inspire a celebration of the Earth and everything it has to offer, April 22 is the date that many environmentalists come together to educate the public, inspire attitudinal change, and encourage a harmonious relationship with the planet. With this in mind, there’s no better time to appreciate the big blue marble than Earth Day; Dallas offers a number of official ways to show your love for this ever-turning and bountiful globe, but you can also celebrate this occasion with like-minded friends or in the privacy of your own home. Assimilate the lessons you learn on Earth Day into your everyday life to show that your environmental consciousness is as big as the cosmos.

Earth Day Texas

Running April 24–26, you can take part in Earth Day Texas, an annual festival devoted to promoting green living and educating the public about smart, environment-friendly choices they can make to maintain personal health and protect the world. Located in Fair Park, the festival is free to attend and showcases the efforts and philosophies of various environmental thought leaders. Earth Day Texas brings the Dallas community together and raises awareness of important eco-issues by offering relevantly themed yoga, films, arts and crafts, and special interest activities like car rides and fashion shows. Suitable for all ages, adults who visit the festival can stroll through a beer and wine garden while children can enjoy entertainment specially designed to amuse and educate them.

Social Activities

Celebrating Earth Day with close friends can deepen your mutual understanding of the current issues facing the environment. Take a bike ride with buddies along nature trails or preserves like those in Twelve Hills or Cedar Ride Nature Preserve on Earth Day; Dallas residents can further reduce their carbon footprints by starting a carpool or signing up for DART’s Ride Match Program. Join a conservation organization, or volunteer to clean up parks! Together, your efforts will compound and make a difference in profound ways.

Home Activities

While you can make a big difference protecting the environment out in the Dallas community, you can also make changes to your personal lifestyle that will support collective conservation efforts. Implement a recycling strategy at home. Plant trees in your yard to promote clean air. Choose to use natural compost when gardening instead of commercial agents. Track your electrical bill and turn off unnecessary lights. When shopping, consider buying used items or clothes, as these don’t require new energy or materials to process and wear.

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