Moving to Jersey: 5 Reasons New Yorkers are Doing It


The cost of living is rising for most of the country. And moving is a hassle. For most people, moving out of state adds even more of a hassle. But New Yorkers facing record high rents have a refuge in moving to Jersey that comes without a huge change.


We have all heard about the rising costs associated with living in New York. Unlike the similar situation in the Bay Area, New Yorkers have refuge that doesn’t require a big change. That’s one reason a lot of New Yorkers are moving to Jersey.

I do not know of anyone who enjoys moving. There are a lot of difficulties in moving to a new place — a lot of which are compounded when relocating to another state. However, in the instance of moving to Jersey from the largest city in the U.S., there are a lot of benefits. It is important to note, however, the entire state of New Jersey does not offer the same conveniences. In this article, we are specifically talking about the New Jersey counties within the New York metro area: Bergen, Hudson, Essex, and Union counties. Here are five benefits to be found in these areas.

  1. Larger Apartments
    If you get the opportunity to speak with anyone who has moved into NYC from anywhere, you will hear a very common complaint: The apartments are tragically small. The living space you are provided are somehow always smaller than where you came from. In New Jersey, on the other hand, the apartments are usually comparable to the size you’re moving from. When moving from New York, the apartments seem huge.
  2. Same Commute to Work
    One abnormality within the city that really prevents locals from venturing across the Hudson river is that most New Yorkers do not own a car. That is because it is very easy to get around on public transportation. Well, within the New York metro area, there is the same convenience in New Jersey. In fact, with access to New York City, some recently transitioned residents find they have a much easier commute.
  3. Make Right Turns on Red
    For the few that do drive in New York, New jersey offers an added benefit, you can make a right turn during a red light. I, myself, have never noticed how big of a deal that was until I received my first ticket in New York City. The ability to cut the wait at a red light is very easy to get used to and can cut up to 15 minutes off of your travel time.
  4. Neighborhood Transitions
    Traveling throughout the Five Boroughs of NYC, you will pass through many neighborhoods. You may not as easily notice when one ends and another begins. Just in a few minutes walk you can visit several local neighborhoods. From Long Island City to Astoria was a hop, skip, and a jump. I once walked from Park Slope to Williamsburg and traveled through several “up and coming” areas. In New Jersey, however, the borders between neighborhoods are far more defined. When you transition from one area to another, you can notice it much easier. It is much easier to stay away from high crime areas because it is easier to know what areas to avoid.
  5. Lower Rent
    The median rent for a two-bedroom Manhattan apartment is $3,400 a month. In Brooklyn, the median rent for a two-bedroom apartment is $2,200. In Union County, New Jersey, the median rent for a three-bedroom apartment is $1,500 each month. In Essex County, the median rent for the same three-bedroom is $1,450. That combined with the similar commute and the more abundant parking, the migration from New York to New Jersey makes perfect sense.


Born and raised in Elizabeth, NJ, Genius is proud to raise his family in Union County as well. It only makes sense to become a real estate agent, so he can sell the area he takes so much pride in.

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