NYC Winter Activities That You’ve Gotta Try


There are NYC winter activities that everyone says they’re going to do every year and then there are those that few people have heard of. Following is a combination of both. If you accomplish even one, you win winter this year.


When it comes to NYC winter activities, you’ve got a lot to think about. Winter is about hot cocoa, tear-jerker coffee commercials, and building snowmen . . . in Anywhere Else, USA! This is NYC, and we do winter. Some people move to NYC for the amazing lifestyle that it affords, crowing loudly and proudly about the nightlife and the the vibe. Then, when they’re here, they zone out as they subway back and forth to work every day before standing at their two-foot wide kitchen counters at night, chomping down on saltines smeared with hummus. This is NYC! There’s always something to do, even in winter! Get out there so you can Instagram Story your only-in-NY experience.

Skate in Rockefeller Center

Skating. You’re probably thinking, “Yeah, I can do that in Minnesota, too.” Sure, you can skate in Minnesota but you wouldn’t be skating underneath the world-famous Rockefeller Center Christmas tree. You wouldn’t be preening and pirouetting while Prometheus gazes on approvingly from his perch while skating in Saint Paul. Skating at the rink in Rockefeller Center is one of those primo NYC winter activities and one that anyone with the ability to scoot across ice on blades should try at least once. There’s never more than 150 people allowed on the ice at any time, so it never feels crowded or overwhelming. You can choose general admission skating or reserve time to ensure that you get a chance on the ice. The rink is open daily from 8 a.m. to midnight. (Ooh, midnight date night activity!) Admission fees range from $15 for kids ticket to $25 for standard tickets to $32 for peak tix. If the idea of you on skates has your friends giving you the side eye, skate lessons are available for $50 per half hour (includes rink admission).

No Pants Subway Ride

Whether you’re an introvert who just wants to finally let it all hang out or the certified crazy person in the room who lives by the motto, “Haters gonna hate,” you’re going to want to catch a ride on the No Pants Subway Ride. What is it? It’s an annual event started by prank collective Improv Everywhere’s Charlie Todd. What started as a YouTube gag has quickly turned into a thing. Tons of people around the city get dressed up in all of their regular winter gear and meet up at several, pre-selected locations around the city. They walk onto subway trains just like everyone else except they’re not wearing pants. (They do wear underwear.) After the ride, participants head to an after party at Bar 13.

See a Play, Drink, and Be Merry

If drinking or eating while watching a play makes you think of your Bubbe going out for early bird dinner theater in Boca, The Imbible: Christmas Carol Cocktails will make your wonder why you didn’t follow Bubbe’s lead sooner. The Imbible: A Spirited History of Drinking, is a wonderful play that takes theatergoers on a 10,000-year history of alcoholic beverages. Audience members are served cocktails throughout the play that line up with the real-time storyline. The Christmas Carol version of the play is set in Dicken’s A Christmas Carol and takes place the day after Scrooge has dreamed his dreams and learned his lessons. He wants to celebrate with a booze party but doesn’t know the first thing about spirits. Marley returns to help. Head to the Producer’s Club and see this special run of the play before it ends.


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