Sell Your Home in Las Vegas: Some Tips

Even in a hot market such as Las Vegas, your home will not sell itself. Research, strategy, preparation, and a real estate agent are involved. Be smart and well prepared, and follow these tips on how to sell your home.

Even in a hot market such as Las Vegas, your home will not sell itself. Research, strategy, preparation, and a real estate agent are involved. Be a smart seller and make your own luck in Las Vegas by following a few basic tips on how to sell your home.

Make Repairs

According to state law, Las Vegas property owners must disclose certain problems and defects. Both buyer and seller receive a Seller’s Real Property Disclosure Form that must be completed accurately and truthfully before the conveyance of the property. Of all the tips listed here on how to sell your home, this is arguably the most important. Not only is it the law, but the sale will likely fall through upon inspection if you fail to correct a major problem or to disclose it before sale. Make repairs and disclosures, or everyone will lose precious time.

Make it Pretty

Curb appeal is real. With many distressed properties in Las Vegas, making yours shine can go a long way toward justifying an asking price that may be higher than some of the bargains out there. Buyers will respond well to a home that is fresh and ready for occupancy. Spruce up your yard and exterior, clean the interior and unclutter storage spaces, and consider professional staging or at least following staging guidelines, such as creating space.

Price with Professional Advice

Pricing can be a tricky point when you sell your home. In a market such as Las Vegas, it is best to follow the wisdom and guidance of a real estate agent. If you ask for the wrong price, all your other efforts will have been for naught. Depending on when you purchased your Las Vegas property, today’s value may not equal your original purchase price, which means you might have a short sale. Fortunately, many Las Vegas real estate professionals are well qualified in this type of transaction. Also, with tax and sometimes bank incentives, short sale does not necessarily mean you will walk away completely empty handed.

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is also a very effective tool to help you sell your home. According to Inman News, a Google study found that 90 percent of buyers searched online for homes. The Internet as a serious marketing tool would probably be somewhat of an understatement, considering that statistic. By all means, post a tweet or Facebook status about your home for sale, but the fact remains: Your real estate agent should have the necessary and best Internet applications for listing your property and for marketing it on the web.

Seasons for Selling

These tips would not be complete without a nod to the seasonal cycles generally associated with greater home sales volume. Listing your home in the spring will probably bring maximum traffic. With the school year ending and summer approaching, many buyers are motivated most during this period. And if you want to get more specific, according to Time Magazine, the best day of the week to list your home is a Thursday. It will be available for showings by Saturday, but only listed for two days as of Saturday, and listed for only nine days by the following Saturday. Fewer days on the market increases the likelihood of obtaining a full asking price offer. Now go ahead and list your home—just wait until Thursday.


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