Super-Smart Kids Bedroom Ideas Every Parent Should Try

Parents: Are you transitioning your child from a nursery to a toddler room? You’re no doubt in need of some kids bedroom ideas. Check out this blog post for some smart, simple ways to make the move. These are some ideas you and your child will love.

Kids bedroom ideas: Every parent thinks about them, especially when it’s time to transition from a nursery into a toddler room. But there’s more to it than simply swapping out the crib for a bed and ditching the diaper table. This is an opportunity to create a fresh, playful space for your little one. Take a look at these ideas to create a bedroom you and your child will love over the years.

Upgrade the Furniture

You can say farewell to the crib and changing table. In their place, add some toddler-appropriate furniture. Bring in a twin bed (or spring for a larger size if your child is ready and you have the space for it). Also look for pieces that will grow with your child and spark his or her creativity — a mini work table or bench, for example.

Decorate with Decals

Adding decorative decals — whether you opt for whimsical trees or colorful superheroes — is a creative, fun way to make the transition to a toddler room. Decals are easy to apply, and since they’re not permanent, they can be taken down as your child grows and develops new interests. Here’s a look at some of the coolest wall decals for kids.

Invest in Storage Options

As your toddler grows, so will his or her accumulation of stuff: toys, blocks, books, stuffed animals. When it comes to kids bedroom ideas, you don’t want to overlook storage solutions. Think about adding a bookshelf to house all your little one’s books, or consider splurging on built-in storage. Or keep your toddler’s new room tidy with a collection of storage bins, bags, or crates. These options make it easy for your child to access (and help clean up) all of his or her things. For inspiration, check out these 50 DIY storage ideas for kids rooms.

Keep It Classic

Many kids bedroom ideas are just that: totally kid-centric. Instead of choosing a theme that will eventually feel too juvenile, opt for classic patterns that will grow with your child. Look for stripes, polka dots, and other classic designs. You’ll be creating a fresh, new room for your child while saving money and time down the line.

Parents who are updating from a nursery to a toddler room need to create a space that’s both functional and fun. By putting these smart ideas into play, it’s easy to build a comforting environment in your DFW home that a child will enjoy for years to come.

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