Time to Move Out of the City? Signs You’re Ready to Say Hello to the Suburbs


Should you stay in the city or stake your claim in the suburbs? The Philadelphia area is full of great suburbs, which offer plenty of space and amenities. But, Philly has a lot to offer, too. Here are a few signs you might be ready to move to the ‘burbs.


It’s the never-ending debate, should you stay in the city or move to the suburbs? While life in Philly has its conveniences — you can bike a lot of places and there seems to be a new place to eat every night of the week — the suburbs have a lot of appeal for some people. Here are a few signs to help you see if it’s time for you to move out of the city.

You’re Tired of Nightly Dog Walks

Dogs can be perfectly happy living in the city, and Philadelphia has a number of dog-friendly amenities that make it a particularly welcoming city for pets. But, the problem isn’t your dogs. It’s you. You’re getting tired of having to take the dog out for a walk, especially when it’s cold or very late at night. In the suburbs, you can find a home with a fenced-in yard, so any time your dog needs to go out, he or she is free to do so, without you having to find the leash, a pair of shoes, or your umbrella.

You Just Need Some Space

Speaking of a fenced-in yard, you’ve lately been finding yourself dreaming of spending warm summer days lounging by your own pool or playing catch on the lawn with the kids or your friends. Maybe you’re not the outdoors type, but long for a day when you and your partner can cook together in the kitchen without bumping into each other. Perhaps you’d love to have your own bathroom or at the very least, your own sink in the bathroom. You can find bigger kitchens and houses with more than one bathroom in the city, but they are much more common in the suburbs, as are homes with yards.

You’re Tired of Lugging Everything, Everywhere

One great benefit of living in Philadelphia is that it’s so walkable. As the Philadelphia Inquirer noted, it’s the fourth most-walkable city in the U.S. Being able to walk everywhere, from the grocery store to the dry cleaners, is super convenient. Until it isn’t.

How often have you wanted to do a big grocery run, but had to limit your purchases to what you could comfortably carry home in your arms or in the basket of your bike? How often have you schlepped home from the dry cleaner on a hot summer’s day, with the plastic around your shirt or dress clinging to your sweaty arms? You might have to drive everywhere in the suburbs, but at least you don’t have to figure out how to carry home 50 pounds of groceries using only your two arms.

You Want to Entertain More

You can definitely entertain in the city, but big gatherings, such as major holiday events where your entire family wants to gather under one roof, often demand the size of house you’re more likely to find in the suburbs. Perhaps you’re less interested in having huge parties, but still would like to have a space for friends and family to crash for a few nights, that isn’t on a pull-out sleeper couch in your living room. With the average small to medium-sized rowhouse being about 1,000-square-feet, according to the Philadelphia Rowhouse Manual, it’s often a challenge to find room for overnight guests.

Is it time for you to move out of the city? Make a list of what you love about Philadelphia and what the suburbs can offer you. It might be that now’s the perfect time to make your move.


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