Top 5 Spring Flowers for Philadelphia

This May, homeowners often want to plant flowers that will bloom and flourish all summer long. Below are the top five spring flowers for the Philadelphia area, recommended by the expert staff at The Rhoads Garden.

Experienced Philadelphia gardeners know that chilly nights and fluctuating daytime temperatures add a degree of complexity to early spring planting. Choosing the best flowers and planting them in the right location at the correct time are important keys to a successful growing season. Bulb flowers like daffodils, hyacinths, and tulips brighten the month of April, but later in the spring, when the risk of overnight frost diminishes, homeowners often want to decorate their yards with colorful flowers that will bloom and flourish all summer long. To help you select the best spring flowers, the expert staff at The Rhoads Garden in North Wales, Pennsylvania, recommends the following plants for the Philadelphia area.


Tropical dipladenias, a native of South America, are The Rhoads Garden’s top pick for prime sunny spots in your yard. The red or hot pink annuals produce trumpet-shaped flowers which may attract hummingbirds. Dipladenias thrive in flower beds, planters, or hanging baskets.


Shrub roses bloom all summer long, and with mild autumn weather, may even last into November. Look for the Knock Out and Drift rose varieties, which are both low maintenance and disease resistant. The wide range of pinks and yellows available ensures you will find petals to complement the colors of other flora in your garden.

Lavender Phenomenal

Looking for a heat-tolerant perennial to take you through the entire summer? Consider the Lavender Phenomenal. Lavender is known for its soothing fragrance, and the purple blooms add a pop of color to your flower beds. The newest variety withstands summer heat and humidity, making it a favorite in local gardens.


If hungry deer roam your neighborhood, The Rhoads Garden staff recommends lantana, a deer-resistant annual also known for its high drought tolerance. Lantana should be planted in full sun. The plant blooms in a range of colors, from pale yellow to tangerine orange to raspberry red. Or if you prefer a deer-resistant annual in a shade of purple, another great choice is the “Homestead Purple” verbena, which produces an abundance of vibrant blooms throughout the spring and summer.

Wave Petunias

Wave petunias are popular spring flowers in the Philadelphia area and have dramatically increased in color variety over the last decade. They spread quickly in flower beds or can be used in a border setting. Wave petunias will tolerate sun, but must be kept well watered. In addition to Wave petunias, Profusion zinnias and Dragon Wing begonias are two additional annuals recommended by The Rhoads Garden that can be spotted frequently in local landscapes.

In the spring and early summer, annuals are an easy and nonpermanent way to redesign your garden — if you don’t like the results, you won’t need to replant the same flowers next year. Once the danger of night frost has passed, plant annuals according to their individual requirements for sun and shade. Remember to leave enough space for additional growth during the summer. Lastly, both perennials and annuals should be watered generously until well established, especially when the temperatures and the humidity levels begin to soar and summer approaches.

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