If you are one of the 50 million Americans currently embroiled in the heat wave, we feel for you.  And don’t worry, those of us on the East Coast are supposed to join the fun tomorrow!

When temperatures reach into the 100s and the air becomes stifling and still, we all beg for a breeze.  Just a whiff of wind to move things around and give us a moment or two of minor relief.  I remember as a kid in summer camp, a counselor once told me that if you imagine the wind is blowing cool air, your brain will be tricked and you will cool off.  I’m sure he told me that because I was probably whining a lot, but to this day, I always find myself thinking cool thoughts on a hot day.

I figured it would be a good time to look for homes on coldwellbanker.com that might offer a breeze.  In fact, there are 1062 properties on the site with the word “breeze” in the property description and another 141 where “breezy” is used.

Using my counselor’s advice, I figured it couldn’t hurt try to cool off by showcasing some of these properties.